Public Spaces Protection Order Consultation

The PSPOs Consultation for the Isle of Wight has been launched this week. It has been greatly altered from the initial draft that some of members may have been privy to see. If this was you, please read the consultation very carefully. A lot has changed, and it is extremely important that comments are made on what is in this consultation version of the intended PSPOs, not the previous version.


It would not be appropriate for us to provide a strict response template for this consultation. However, we have received advice from the Kennel Club on what individuals should consider including in any personal responses they make. The Kennel Club have provided comment on numerous consultations held across the UK, so have a lot of experience on this topic!


Based upon the advice received, we would encourage members to make individual responses and consider including some or all of the following:-


  • If you are an island resident

  • How long you have lived on the island

  • Where you enjoy walking your dogs

  • Do you walk alone with your dog or perhaps in social groups

  • Membership of IWDTS and/or other canine groups on the island

  • What dog walking means to you eg companionship, combatting isolation, enjoyment, stress relief, etc


Any negatives that could result from the implementation of the PSPOs eg:-


  • Disruption to your normal routine due to bans or limitations

  • Accessibility of alternative sites

  • Fragmentation of existing social groups of walkers

  • Any concerns regarding access to alternative suitable areas due to disability

  • Increased need to walk through livestock.


Perhaps even state the economic benefits of ensuring the island is accessible and attractive to dog owners. Some members have holiday lets, dog walking or other businesses that rely on the revenue generated by dog owners.  Please mention this!


Finally, remember any letters submitted do not need to try and account for everyone else! This should be YOUR personal response based on your dogs and lifestyle.


Thank you!

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