New to Rally?      


Competing at Rally 

This is a dog sport where handlers and dogs heel round a pre-set course of up to 17 signs. At each sign the dog handler team perform an obedience based exercise.


The judge is responsible for designing each course. A round takes about four minutes. Once on the course there is no direction from the judge or scribe; the handler follows the numbered signs and can do a Bonus Sign to receive more marks. Before attempting the course, handlers walk round the course without dogs. At the first two Levels 1 and 2, dogs compete on lead and lose marks if it is tight. 


Talking to and praising your dogs is encouraged but in competition only one command is allowed for each element of an exercise, harsh verbal correction is penalised.


Dogs work off lead for Levels 3 to 6. More complex tasks at these levels include exercises with jumps, different types of recall, a retrieve and distance control.


Competitors start each round with a score of 200 and deductions are made by the judge for errors in handling, completing the exercises or navigation. Progression to the next Level will be based only achieving 3 qualifying scores of 170 or better under three different judges. 


You can enjoy the teambuilding benefits and fun of rally without competing.

Can myself and my dog do it?

To participate in Rally your dog needs to have had some training in Good Citizen, have a good recall and be non reactive.  Young or old, large or small you and your dog can participate in this exciting, fun activity!


Interested? You are invited to contact us to arrange a trial session.

Classes are at Victoria Park Recreation Ground, Newport.

Tuesday mornings - Beginners 09:30 to 10:40 - Advanced 10:40 to 11:50

Contact Jenny at  rally.iwdts@gmail.com

Or, phone the IWDTS Secretary, Vikky - 01983 861266